Ian Mulvany

May 28, 2022

Recent reading from across the web — late may edition 2022

Here are some things from across the web that I found interesting over the past few weeks 

Git tables. 

Home | GitTables - is an effort to collect many examples of tables, to support the creation of machine learning models of tables. From the paper https://arxiv.org/pdf/2106.07258.pdf

GitTables can be leveraged for 1) learned models for semantic column type detection with complementary coverage compared to existing corpora, 2) accurately suggesting schema completions in typical database contexts, and 3) developing challenging bench- marks for data management tasks.

Elisabeth Bik-bot

Image Integrity Analysis - ImageTwin - Image fraud detection as a service. I’ve been expecting more services like this, it’s nice to see. I’d love to get a sense of how well this works. 

A paper writing coach? 

This startup has a fascinating idea. Provide researchers with a structured approach to writing a scientific paper, and in so doing take away the terror of the blank page. This interview gives a good sense of where the idea came from: 

And this is the tool: 

A new outliner for Mac. 

If you know what an outliner is, then you will know that having a tool that does it just so for you can be really important. If you are not into outlining, then maybe go it it a try? Jesse Grosjean Has just released a new one for mac: 

I’ve not tried it, but Jessie’s software is elegant and for many years I was a major user of storeroom and taskpaper. I think I moved away from them as my tooling habits changed. 

You can find his other software here: B https://www.hogbaysoftware.com/

All the london museums conceptually mapped. 

Make me a quiz! 

Questgen is a platform that used ML to automatically create quiz questions from text. How cool is that? 


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