Ian Mulvany

May 26, 2023

SAGE 10 year impact awards

I just noticed that SAGE are continuing to announce the 10 year impact awards - https://group.sagepub.com/press-releases/sages-10-year-impact-awards-recognize-research-with-long-term-influence

The pull quote from Ziyad covers it well 

“Short-term measures of research impact fail to account for the many ways in which scholarship continues to inform research, policy and practice in the years and decades after publication,” said Ziyad Marar, president of global publishing at Sage. “Scholarship in the social and behavioural sciences is frequently undervalued by such metrics, with citations and other measures of impact in these disciplines accruing over longer time spans. As an independent publisher, Sage is free to think beyond traditional impact metrics to promote a broader perspective on research excellence that celebrates the significant and enduring contributions of the social and behavioural sciences.” 

It’s such a simple, yet powerful idea, long term impact can be hard to see until a few years in. So each year SAGE now looks back to see what articles have accrued most citations over a 10 year period. They are usually not the papers that make the biggest initial splash. 

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