Ian Mulvany

August 12, 2023

So, I’ve finally left twitter.

I joined in 2007, my then colleague Gavin had returned from SXSW and was talking about this new thing.

It has been enormously beneficial for my career, and I’ve learnt and laughed a lot from the interactions I had on that platform.

I was fortunate to never see the dark side of the web on that platform, I have a very privileged position.

Equally, I’m fortunate not to no longer need it any more.

Google still does a good job of identifying me.

I wish I had something deeper and more reflective to say about this, but really, I don’t.

If anything I suppose tools and platforms like twitter are great catalysis, but ideas and friendships deriving from there need to be grounded by wider actions if they are to have effects in the world. In that way we can progress change in spite of our platforms, and not limited by them.

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