Ian Mulvany

December 12, 2022

Some quick reflections on week 49

Taking a moment to look back at the past week there have been a few really nice highlights. 

This was STM week. The Startup fair on the Tuesday was a real highlight. It was one of the best SSP events that I've been too. I'll write up some notes about some of the startups that I saw there - eventually. I missed the FutureLab meeting on the Monday, I'd forgotten about that, but I will aim to attend next year. From what I heard there was no mention of blockchain, and the meta verse just snuck in at the end. 

I attended an amazing keynote from Chris Whitty on the connection between research and policy. It had some very nice insights. 

The other big highlight of the week was kicking the tyres on ChatGPT. This thing has legs, and is going to be so interesting to see it develop over the coming years. 

My gradual move away from Twitter continues, with Mastadon being quite nice. 

On the homefront we are gearing up to head away hopefully skiing for christmas. 

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