Ian Mulvany

April 27, 2021

The Open Access button has rebranded

#open-access #cool-news

The "Open Access Button" has now rebranded to https://oa.works/. Joe let me know a few days ago that this was coming up, and I'm delighted to see the new site and branding go live.

They have a blog post explaining a bit about the change - https://blog.oa.works/open-access-button-is-now-oa-works/.

The gist of it is that over the years they have built up a few tools to support open access and to support a more equitable research ecosystem, and this new name and brand encompasses that better.

I think it looks great, but aside from how it looks I continue to be impressed by the quality and impact of the work that this very small organisation manages to do, you should check them out!

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