Ian Mulvany

May 12, 2024

What are we walking on?


We walk lightly on this earth, and when you live in a city like London you are stepping through history every day.

I was at the Young Victoria and Albert museum today (my first time there since the big revamp), and these shoes took me on somewhat of a journey.

They were owned by Lupino Lane, a Hackney performer from famous performing family, who created The Lambeth Walk.

In reading about him I discovered that he owned the Britannia Theatre, a 3000 person theatre that was on Hoxton street. I live for a few years at the top of Hoxton street, and never knew about the previous existence of this place, a place that was oft frequented by Dickens.

The theatre was around the corner from Pollock's Toy Museum, which later moved around London somewhat. 

I'd never known about the existence of these places, even though they were present just moment ago in history. It was a really fun distraction, a short walk into the near past. 

I wonder if the Britannia Leisure Centre is named for the theatre that used to stand nearby? 

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