Ian Mulvany

December 9, 2022

What looks interesting in AWS going in to 2023?

I'm a very bit fan of Amazon Web Services. Every role that I have had since 2010 has involved some level of involvement with AWS and now the scale of services provided, and the pace of change, are just too large and rapid for me to keep on top of. 

AWS Reinvent just wrapped up and this page https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/top-announcements-of-aws-reinvent-2021/ - lists some of the most interesting new launches. Of those the following are ones that I would be interested in learning more about. 

- Redshift Serverless - attach serverless jobs directly onto Redshift. The move to serverless is exciting. 

- A sustainability Pillar for the AWS well architected framework. My wish is that AWS figures out how to run itself in a carbon neutral way, but in the meantime, understanding the carbon footprint of what you do better is always going to be a good thing. 

- SageMaker Training Compiler - if I were involved in creating a lot of models (which I am not) then I can see benefits to this service. 

- SageMaker Ground Truth Plus - There is something spooky going on here about how AWS is going to supply you with cohorts of people that can label data for you. I am _interested_ in this, but also a little worried about it. 

- ML applied to Amazon Connect to summarise the important aspects of customer interactions. This is at the vanguard of the revolution that is coming. 

- AWS DataZone - for discovering and managing data within your organisation. 

- AWS Application Composer - visually create serverless applications. 

As ever there are a bunch of interesting things coming out of AWS. 

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