Ian Mulvany

March 4, 2021

Yet another blogging platform

#blogging #toblog #scpb #frictionless 

I've just gotten access to the new blogging platform from Hey, and, well, why not take it 
for a spin?

I've been tinkering with trying to get a frictionless blogging system setup for years now, and was on the verge of looking to deploy something in AWS using Hugo, connected to github via github actions -- which is a lot of overhead to get something setup, but I just never have the time to finish out what I want to do, so this might prove the thing that I need to lower the burden of effort to get me blogging again. 

I've not spent any time at all looking at this, but already I have 

### Three feature requests:

- Markdown support.  
- Connecting to github for creating a contextless archive  
- Custom domains

- Ian 

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