J. Martin

September 18, 2022

A Frantically Quiet Week

Not a lot to tell—I’m back in the world of the living, thanks to a late 2015 21.5″ iMac I borrowed from my university’s IT department. It runs macOS 12.6 Monterey, it’s admirably fast for its age, and the crack along the upper part of the display is practically invisible in night mode.

Thus, all I did last week was set up the Mac and catch up on all the work I missed. Which, unsurprisingly, left precious little time for other things. I didn’t publish anything all week—no blog posts, no photos, no updates, no nothing. I haven’t even unboxed my Playdate yet! Yes, it’s that bad.

But someone else unboxed their stuff, namely the CGL! This week, finally, the Clash of Realities conference website was updated, with the schedule and the speaker lineup for September 28–30. Took its own good time this year, but who am I to complain ;) I’ll be there each day, so if you happen to catch me, say hi.

For your entertainment, two short video clips. The secret Hollywood manual for shooting a movie in an Arab country, and this fantastic Eizan Dentetsu ride through the “Maple Tunnel”  outside Kyōto with their lights switched off. Enjoy!