J. Martin

July 24, 2022

An Enjoyable Week

Last week appeared frighteningly normal. The weather had its ups and down, but then got back into the 85+ °F range right where I love it. I wrote, edited, mentored students, celebrated my birthday, went to an indie developer event that was great, and met with friends to eat and drink improbable amounts of gambas and Super Bock, respectively, at a neighboring city’s Portuguese Community Center. But of course, nothing is normal. It isn’t just a particularly hot summer; students still can’t enjoy regular campus life; there’s a war going on; shortages will kick in later this year; the pandemic is far from over; and the entire country here and climate action at large is held hostage by a small group of sociopaths given free rein by a larger group of dishonest crooks. But of course, a few decades back, people lived with the daily threat of nuclear war and with oil embargos and reactor accidents and wars and genocide in Europe and elsewhere, and there was the ozone layer crisis that was averted just in time. Still, back then, people enjoyed their summer vacations too and went on with their lives with the apocalypse hanging over their heads by a thread. I’m not sure what to make of all this. But you can’t really do anything as long as people vote for people who won’t do anything or worse, irrespective of the degree of protest and social activism.

Anyways, because I was too busy enjoying the week, I published just one post at my Voidpunk blog, A Deep Field Into Doom. Beyond that, there’s a new album on Flickr with 20 skyscraper shots from Nishi Shinjuku in Tōkyō; a re-edited image on Glass I took at the Pacific Healthcare Nursing Home in Singapore; and a few posts at my Instagram accounts betweendrafts and voidpunkverse.

Sadly, again no game recommendation—I’ve been checking out open source engines all week, from id Tech 4 to Ren’Py to Godot. My three wishes for the code fairy were C++, Lua, and open source; but apparently, I can’t have all three. The CryEngine is close but isn’t open source. Godot is close but doesn’t support Lua. (There’s a project for a Godot Lua PluginScript, but there hasn’t been any progress for over a year.) Bummer. But maybe some option will come up until I actually need one in 2024.

For the Sunday funnies, please enjoy this picture book on Bayesian Probabilities for babies (whole thread); this incredibly bad but also incredibly good Star Trek joke, and this little quokka who just decided what to order.