J. Martin

April 23, 2023

An Exhausting Week

Last week up until today, besides lectures and everything else, I had to go through my publisher’s copyedits, a fun package of ~600 pages distributed over 30 documents, 100 text-intensive illustrations, and a brutal 180 items “Works Quoted” section. Which—besides books and papers and articles—references everything from Aristotle to the Pearl author to GDC talks. And wouldn’t you know it: for more complex documents with enough markup code and comments, MS Word slowed down to a crawl on my Mac, and editing became Hell on Earth. Absolutely fucking patently atrocious. On the positive side, I’m happy with the suggested edits; only a handful of sentences needed rework for clarity; and only a handful of details in the reference section needed checking. Curiously, my copyeditor persistently objected to the use of “but also” without preceding “not only” (widely accepted almost everywhere else); to starting a new sentence with “Which…” for rhetorical effect; and to the use of the ampersand for short labels/phrases like “music & sound” in illustrations or headlines. Well, okay. I guess can live with that!

Accordingly, my output last week was both thin and late: one brief linked-list post at my secret level on “AI Drake Just Set an Impossible Legal Trap for Google”; a new album on Flickr with 15 images from Ueno, Tōkyō; my daily vintage-style travel squaries at Pixelfed; and a few posts at betweendrafts and voidpunkverse on Instagram.

Similarly, I didn’t collect any Sunday funnies. But if you’ve heard about all these clever GPT hacks, then this one might crack you up as well.