J. Martin

June 12, 2022

Are You Sure This Is Your Third Wish

After most lecture duties for the term had ended three weeks ago, I’ve successfully replaced it with a grueling writing schedule—between six and eight hours daily, split between Ludotronics (late morning to early afternoon) and Voidpunk (early evening to whenever), with sports, chores, blogs, snacks, and social media stuff in between. The good thing is, I don’t have to talk a lot! Also, I love it. Coming Tuesday, this schedule will be rudely interrupted by my final day of regular lectures for this term, which is set to become my trial run for hybrid lectures. Together with the IT department, I prepared everything two weeks ago, but the setup is exactly as complicated and shaky as I predicted it to be. Still, it’s worth a shot. Some little birds keep telling me that I might want to have a Plan B ready, in case things go south again during the winter term.

Two blog posts I published last week, one at my Voidpunk blog on Species of the Entrarchic Age, and one at between drafts on The God of Blazing Dung Fires. There’s a new album up on Flickr with 20 shots from Kamakura, Japan, and one re-edit on Glass with a shot from the Attorney-General’s Chambers in Singapore. Plus, a few entries on my Instagram accounts betweendrafts and voidpunkverse.

No game recommendation today. It’s not that I didn’t have had time to play; I just put my free time into refreshing my Lua skills for the Playdate SDK. That’s because the Playdate, which I pre-ordered eons ago (an adventure in itself), should arrive soon now—the pandemic, its logistic challenges, and a manufacturing glitch had pushed everything back for almost a year.

Finally, the world hasn’t improved, but here are some Sunday funnies. Two Dall-E Open AI prompts that especially resonated with me, one prompted by “Courtroom sketch of the xenomorph from Alien on trial for felony jaywalking”, and one prompted by “Oriental Painting of Sun Tzu playing a game of Warcraft II on his desktop computer.” Then, there’s this overenthusiastic duck, this bunny ringing for carrots, and—kittens. Many kittens.