J. Martin

May 22, 2022

Before Concluding, Let Me Briefly

Last week, I got another booster shot, met old friends, and spent most of my time in interminable meetings. They weren’t bad or unproductive or anything—just interminable. Then again, some individual contributions were strongly reminiscent of this classic Calvin & Hobbes cartoon. Sigh. Students, it must be said, are also often carried away during their end-of-term presentations, notably with creative workshop assignments (to solve self-selected challenges with the specific tools the course/lecture was about). There will always be students for whom two things seem to be true: they don’t rehearse their presentations, and they have no sense of time whatsoever. The trick is to intervene early and decisively and nudge them toward brevity and clarity, ideally without making them feel bad or being rushed. Does it always work, either way? I wish.

In between, I published a few things: a blog post about virtual tabletop software at my Voidpunk blog; a post on multiplayer bike tours in GTA V at between drafts; a new album with 10 images from the White Dagoba in Beihai Park, Beijing on Flickr; a re-edited image on Glass from Namsangol Hanok Village in Seoul, South Korea; and several Instagram entries at betweendrafts and voidpunkverse.

I had a game recommendation planned for today, but the controls didn’t quite check out. Bummer. Anyways—this week, I’ll dash back to my massive itch.io backlog. I’m sure I’ll find something terrific there to present next week!

For the Sunday funnies, finally, please enjoy this traffic sign whitewater challenge, this hedgehog potato chip tube race, and a capybara cuddling with a somewhat reluctant cat.