J. Martin

October 10, 2021

Breathing Is Overrated

Last week was one of those rare weeks where each day was crammed—lectures and meetings during weekdays, events and meetings on the weekend. I didn’t write any blog posts, didn’t upload any pictures, didn’t play any games, and didn’t listen to new music (even though I finally noticed that IAM released a brand new EP three weeks ago). I just scrambled to meet deadlines, with almost no time to sit down and breathe.

Except for Friday night, which was great—courtesy of the titanic efforts of two former classmates, we had a high school class reunion which I enjoyed very much.

But the one thing that really set my week and my lectures on fire were technical problems with the most ubiquitous streaming mike around, the Blue Yeti, which I know many of you use too.

If you’re using a Blue Yeti for your streams, casts, lectures, meetings, and so on, steer clear of the Logitech G Hub software. (Or, if you use G Hub for your gaming keyboard and such, try to keep it away from your Yeti.) The G Hub suite superseded the classic Blue software the week before last, with a range of pretty good filters and effects. But chances are it makes your mike unusable because you intermittently sound on the receiving end like a failing robot on speed. And you can’t hear it yourself, even with your headset plugged into your mike! And you can’t even check with a second device and two accounts because it only happens in larger groups! Yes, it’s that screamingly nasty. There are a lot of reddit threads for both Mac and Windows, and Logitech’s own solution doesn’t work. You need to scrape Logitech’s audio drivers manually from the bottom of your machine, and you still can’t be sure or even check that it really works again when you’re done. So be warned!

Finally, what cracked me up most this week was this. For everything else, see you in a week!