J. Martin

May 30, 2021

Clearing Up at Long Last

My workload dropped considerably last week, I caught up with some sleep, the weather improved, and I even found the time to redecorate my side blog just drafts a.k.a. My Secret Level. Sadly, though, I caught two crushing migraines—my monthly one and a second one that was triggered by the constant drone of heavy gardening machinery outside my window. Spring cleaning! Well, triptan’s my friend.

Still, I had time to write a blog post on the Zombie Model of Cognitivism and a topically related linked-list entry on the devastating case against teaching by John Danaher.

For the pretty pictures part, I uploaded my first Chengde album with 20+1 images of the Imperial Summer Resort. Beijing was already hot, accompanied at the time by a painful, lip-cracking, nose-bleeding, ultralow 23% humidity spell. While Chengde, just a few car hours away, was cool and airy! No wonder emperors spent months on end there to escape the Beijing heat.

My favorite meme last week was this one about Memories. But the most hilariously funny thing was Eleanor Morton’s latest TikTok-on-Twitter, Anne Brönte’s Book Signing Is a Disaster. I watched it about a half-dozen times, still cracking up.

Alas, again no game recommendation today! I’m working on it! Yet, to make up for it, here are 30 minutes of awesome, the soundtrack of Ocarina of Time as a Prog Rock Concept Album. Ian Bogost made fun of it on Twitter, but I think it deserves our praise.

Finally, if you’re a writer, work with Scrivener, or both, here’s a brand new podcast you might be interested in. It’s called “Write Now with Scrivener,” and its first guest is the British murder mystery—or “crime fiction”—writer Alan Banks. Very enjoyable, both on a personal and on a writing-habit/writing-technique level.

And with all that, write away!