J. Martin

September 19, 2021

Clock’s Ticking

Coming Sunday, if you live in Germany and are eligible to vote in the federal elections and Berlin state elections, you have to make the most important political decision in your lifetime. And you have to do that particularly for the future of younger generations. In four years, it will be too late. It’s almost already too late. You’ve got this one chance. Don’t mess this up.

And even if it weren’t the most important vote in your lifetime, which it is, I don’t see why you want to vote for crooks & criminals just because that’s the way it’s always been; because they look sufficiently civilized in their dresses and suits and neckties; because they spout lies on TV like gothic gargoyles in a rainstorm. As it’s been for too many years, it’s turds all the way down. Coming Sunday, make it change all the way down!

In editing news, after grinding through developmental, line, and style editing, I progressed to copy editing. Spelling, grammar, consistency (hyphenation, capitalization, serial comma, dashes, quote marks, etc.)—that’s the first block. Then I check for repeated and/or overused words and phrases, clichés, unintended alliterations, and the like. Finally, I check for sentence lengths, sentence length variety, and readability on paragraph and chapter levels.

So that’s it? Haha, no! It’s also a good idea to create a style guide for words that can be spelled or hyphenated differently and for terms and names you made up. (Important for sf, fantasy, and genre in general, mind!) For my sf horror scripts, I also create separate guides along the copy editing process for characters, species, locations, and idioms, and also a “Parking Lot” for possible future adventures where I keep events, places, and people I only mentioned in passing for purposes of setting, location/environment, backstory, and lore.

Meanwhile, I also uploaded a new album on Flickr, Beijing IV: Summer Palace (45 images), and there’s my ongoing folder for cross-posts from Glass.

No game recommendations this week—there’s just too much Genshin Impact going on in this household, a game of which I’m not altogether convinced.