J. Martin

July 4, 2021

Come On, Leave Something for the Asteroid!

Recently, the global weather has picked up on the contrast shower fad—and as the good fitness & health fanatic that it is, it adopted the most extreme version, alternating between intense 130 °F droughts and bouts of torrential rain. Meanwhile, humans set the Gulf of Mexico on fire, blasted Romania’s largest oil refinery, and turned Europe’s mass venues into microbial lab cultures. We’re also looking forward to the hurricane season.

Another week went by without a blog post, shame on me. I was too busy with developmental editing and preparing the corresponding website, which might go online in a few weeks. But I guess I have settled into the editing process now and can return to working on other tasks too. Among which, alas, is a paper that’s been struggling to recapture my attention since 2020.

On Flickr, I uploaded another album, Chengde IV: Putuo Zongcheng Zhi Miao (25 images), and there’s my ongoing album about CBD Neighborhoods in Singapore. 

For the fun stuff, I already featured the Scottish comedian Eleanor Morton some time ago. Here are two of her latest gems for your entertainment: House Hunting in 1700s London and Tudor Wellness Guru. Packed with all the delights of historical romance you could wish for!

Finally a game recommendation, A Mortician’s Tale by Laundry Bear. Just now, it’s available at a 75% discount for $2.24 (or more) + VAT. (If you bought itch.io’s “Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality” or “Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid,” you already own the game in both cases). It’s about an hour of gameplay. As a freshly graduated mortician, you learn how to do your job in a funeral home; keep in contact with your friends and colleagues via email; and experience the ups and downs of the business. It’s a death-positive, lovely game.

If you go out, don’t forget to take your sun blockers and your raft!