J. Martin

March 5, 2023

Corona Intermission

Last week, two days after I wrote that “it felt as if the tiniest amount of balance had returned to the world,” I tested positive for COVID-19. Thank you, World. Today, I might have finally entered the home stretch, but I’m still testing positive and feel like it. Also, my throat keeps being on fire for large parts of the day. (Plus, migraines.)

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t publish a lot last week. On Monday, before Corona hit me, I posted my weekly AI/LLM/GPT Roundup at just drafts, with aspects of teaching and research, and I kept posting my daily vintage-style travel squaries on Pixelfed.

For today’s Sunday funnies, please enjoy this ethereal trio for two human voices and a cat, which I think deserves an opera-length treatment instead of just a sixteen-second clip.