J. Martin

June 19, 2022

Feels Like Home

I know it’s bad for the planet and the people and everything at this time of the year, but ≥ 85 °F is actually the temperature at which I feel most comfortable and most motivated for work, sports, everything, with a shot of hyperactivity even. I miss the Tucson area, love Singapore in high summer, Tōkyō in August. No AC, please! Each day last week, I’ve been cleaning the balcony, bit by bit. This week, hopefully, I can bring out those deck tiles I bought ages ago. As for writing and editing, I can’t work outside on the balcony before around 3 p.m. when the sun dips behind the roof. Not because of me—I’m fine! It’s my hardware that would melt within minutes. Which reminds me that I always wanted to buy an ebook reader that’s not from Amazon. But every time I try to make up my mind, I find that there’s still no good option. The Kobo Libra 2 looks fine, for example, and even allows sideloading after a recent update (2022, shocker). But you still can’t do it over its wi-fi! So, nope. Not going back to cables, thank you. Plus, automatic hyphenation. If it exists at all, it’s a crock of shit on any ebook reader. Well, sigh. I’ll probably wait another year or two.

Last week, I wrote a post on The Third Rule of Space Combat for my Voidpunk blog; published a new album on Flickr with 15 images from the City God Temple in Pingyao; uploaded a re-edited shot from Jin Ding Xuan in Beijing, China, to Glass; and put one post each on my Instagram accounts betweendrafts and voidpunkverse.

Instead of a game recommendation, I’d like to turn everyone’s attention once again to the online lecture series—in German language—on narrative design and game writing, whose presenters include current and former colleagues of mine. Last week’s lecture was terrific, and I can’t wait for the upcoming one, on July 11, on world-building. I’d love to see y’all there!

The Sunday funnies today are science-themed: a ship in a Klein bottle, which cracks me up more than it should; the physics of dinosaur projectile vomiting; and giant skeleton physics (to watch the video this refers to, scroll up a bit).