J. Martin

July 25, 2021

“I feel safer already”

Finally, I got my second shot last Thursday. Do I feel safer already? Not yet.

First, for maximum protection to kick in, I have to wait another fourteen days. Then, the number of people has noticeably increased who no longer wear their masks properly where they should, and the number of people who care about it, particularly those whose job it is, has noticeably decreased. (I still care, but I’m tiring of violent threats and shouting matches.) Next, even with full protection, Delta is so loaded that I can still catch it (even if it should no longer hit as hard). Finally, without boosting global efforts in massive, sustained ways, there will be no local safety, and we’all will soon have learned the entire Greek alphabet by heart.

Regarding my writing project, progress was a bit slow last week. I’m still occupied with line editing, so I’ll leave the topic of style editing for another day.

Besides my ongoing Singapore Riverside album, I put another one on Flickr with 10 images from Tōkyō I: Nishiikebukuro. There was an interesting Twitter conversation the other day about residential neighborhoods in Tokyo, and how they had been planned and built for people, not for cars. Nishiikebukuro shows that pretty well.

For the fun stuff, please enjoy this very short cat video, which cracks me up every time, and Eleanor Morton’s new “Scottish Tour Guide for [historic site] Doesn’t Give a Fuck” episode, this time with a guided tour of the St. Andrews University

Stay safe y’all,