J. Martin

November 13, 2022

Killed by Billionaire

To be honest, it’s very hard for me to watch Twitter go up in flames. It’s been my primary digital home for sixteen years, that’s even longer than my various blogs exist, from where I actively participated in historic events like #SanDiegoFire, Sichuan #earthquake, #mumbai, #iranelection, and #AskIsrael. I always kept my stream clean, kicked bots and spammers off my followers roll, and put my Twitter handle more prominently on my business card than my email or phone number. Also, inspired by a science fiction story published at Thaumatrope a good decade ago, I always liked to think that after a breakdown of civilization, Twitter would be the first communication system to be restored, its short messages reaching out to connect scattered communities of survivors and herald a new beginning. Yes, very romantic, I know. But it isn’t solarpunk either, exactly.

Last week, I wrote A Bridge to Burn on spaceship handling for my Voidpunk blog, and “Interviewing for Game Design” Revisited for my primary blog between drafts. On Flickr, I uploaded a new album with twenty photographs from the Gyeongbokgung Royal Palace in Seoul, South Korea; on Glass a re-edited shot of North Avenue in Xi’an, China; and on my betweendrafts and voidpunkverse Instagram accounts one post each as usual. But wait! As I’ve been busier last week on Mastodon than at any time during the last five years, I’m also on Pixelfed now, picking up where I left off when I left Instagram in 2019 (I only returned this year.) Travel pictures, squared, filtered, classical IG old-school fun.

For the Sunday Funnies, please enjoy this Cleaning Up DLC for The Last of Us, this “Whatever you think is going to happen will be wrong” parking lot clip, and Aamer Rahman’s classic “Is It Really OK to Punch Nazis?” stand-up routine, on the occasion of the recent Nazi check mark proliferation on Twitter.