J. Martin

November 20, 2022

Limping Along

Monday last week, I had knee surgery at an outpatient clinic, general anesthesia and all, and everything went smoothly. I’m still not sure what had happened to my left meniscus in late July, but maybe it didn’t need a specific reason to blow up after twenty-five years of running. This was my second surgery in my life already; the first was in January 2020 to fix my right shoulder’s rotator cuff, which also didn’t need a reason to blow up after a lifetime of climbing, free-climbing, sailing, and work-outs. That’s the problem with sports—you do get something you want (like health or strength), but you pay for it with something you don’t want (like damaged joints or ripped tendons). What would you choose? Anyways, it was a breeze. I even held an online lecture the day right after, only that my voice kept failing as an aftereffect of preventive intubation. Running will officially commence in January 2023. Hooray!

Last week, I wrote a blog post on Population III Stars for my Voidpunk blog; published a new album on Flickr with 15 images from Singapore’s Fort Siloso Skywalk; uploaded a re-edited night shot of Beijing’s Tian’anmen Gate; put out one squarie per day at Mastodon/Pixelfed; and posted one image each with lengthy comments at my Instagram accounts betweendrafts and voidpunkverse.

For the Sunday Funnies, here’s a new thirty seconds riff from “IKEA guy” Scott Seiss, this time on “When I was your age, I already owned a house.” Plus, please enjoy this cute little “Apple Mouse” and “You Can’t Cage the Fluff.”