J. Martin

June 27, 2021

Lockdown Countdown

If I understand this correctly, there’s a field test being carried out right now to assess how wide and how fast fresh Covid variants can be propagated by soccer fans. I’m looking forward to reading the paper! Meanwhile, we had our own second Covid scare around here. My SO, in order to go to the dōjō, took a rapid Covid test and tested positive. Panic! Then we found out that these rapid tests have false positive rates of up to 50–60%, which is just, wow. And to top things off, the result from the subsequent PCR test, which came back negative, was communicated thirty hours after the test was taken. 30 hours! One and a half years into this! But then, the climate catastrophe is almost through with its warm-up exercises and ready to get down to business, so why bother.

Again, I wrote little last week except finishing my manuscript. (Which I did! Now, editing!) Thus, I only published a linked-list item on just drafts about GAN Theft Auto: Playing Within a Neural Network.

On Flickr, I uploaded a new album Xi’an I: Xi’an City (15 images) and finished Singapore V: The Pinnacle (ditto).

Then, after a good while, another podcast recommendation, episode 2 from the Scrivener podcast: Dan Moren, writer of “sci-fi espionage capers.” I had no idea Dan Moren also writes science fiction, I knew him only as a tech writer at Mac World

No game recommendation today, but—also after a good while—a piece of contemporary art music to listen to. During a live event yesterday, Christian Börsing presented his latest composition. You can listen to his work Transient on Vimeo in good audio quality. It’s on the theme of “vanitas,” it’s right up my alley, and it’s fantastic.

Morituri etc.