J. Martin

October 23, 2022

Looking Forward

After a full month, I’m enjoying a weekend again—reading books, playing games, watching anime, cooking meals, having drinks. I could get used to that. Last week, I wrapped up jury duty for a game award, attended a local indie developer meeting, held lectures, attended meetings, got an overdue haircut, and sent a finished chapter to my publisher. The latter had been a major stress factor as I had to convert the text as a collection of section files into MS Word, of which I now have a copy, courtesy of my university. Sure, I know that MS Word is a terrible piece of software, and I had my premonitions. But the actual state of its Mac version still caught me unawares, beginning with its utterly broken template functionality, and being doomed to work with it felt like eternal punishment for terrible sins I have yet to commit. Anyways, I haven’t heard back yet; but as soon as I do, I’ll begin to convert my entire manuscript into this format from hell. Which I hope to have completed around mid-November. Provided—glancing at the news—that the world hasn’t yet been blasted into a nuclear wasteland by then.

Last week, I wrote one post for my Voidpunk blog on my fictional Artifact Age’s “Million Year War”; uploaded a new album on Flickr with ten images from the Ming Tombs near Beijing, China; re-edited a shot from Shinobazu Pond in Tōkyō, Japan, for Glass; and published one entry each with commentaries on my Instagram accounts betweendrafts and voidpunkverse.

As I’m playing Red Candle Games’s Detention right now, a mythological/political horror game, I thought it should appropriately reflect on this week’s Sunday funnies: enjoy this pediatric dentistry training robot from Japan and this door that leads you, I suppose, back to your most horrific school memories.