J. Martin

May 8, 2022

One More Week

Somehow, my larynx survived another week with 20+ hours’ worth of lectures plus oral exams without collapsing, but it was so critical at times that I switched from black coffee to hot lemon, tea, and honey. That drastically lowered my body’s caffeine levels, of course, which in turn exacerbated a migraine attack on Wednesday to levels I hadn’t experienced in many years. Fun! But this week, lecture loads are down to 18 hours, and about half of them will be filled with course-end presentations so my voice box can relax a bit. (And I’ve returned to enjoying coffee, to be sure.) Next Sunday, this seasonal academic hell-on-earth phase will finally be over! And then I’ll also have some exciting news to share.

Again, I managed to publish a few things last week. At my Voidpunk blog, I wrote about Lovecraft’s “The Terrible Old Man” and the problems involved (yes, racism) with adapting its central premise for a chapter of my novel. At my secret level just drafts, I published a linked-list item with a few remarks on Square Enix dumping a whole bunch of Game Studios and IPs in Embracer’s lap for pizza money. Then, I uploaded a new album to Flickr with shots from the jem roof terraces in Singapore (20 images), and two new shots to Glass, one re-edited Ng Teng Fong General Hospital close-up in Jurong East, Singapore, and one re-edited shot from a decorated temple square in Puyou-Si, Chengde, China. Finally, there’s my weekly dose of Instagram posts at betweendrafts and voidpunkverse.

As a game recommendation, even though I haven’t played or bought it yet: The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe has been released! For PC, sadly, it’s only on Steam right now (to which I neither go nor link for a barrel full of reasons). But you can also buy it for the Switch or other consoles. The 2013 version (which is still available at the Epic store) was terrific already, and everything I hear about the new version sounds like “terrific on steroids.” Highly recommended!

Finally, a few links for your enjoyment. Here’s an adorable bunny/plush bunny combo, an unfazed duck, and a little kangaroo practicing his first hops. Enjoy!