J. Martin

November 14, 2021

Rat Race, Continued

Last week was so busy, from tons of lectures to meetings to carrying a washing machine downstairs, that I was already exhausted by Wednesday. This week, luckily, there’ll be more breathing space. Time to pick up my book manuscript again! I completed the final line-by-line read-through two weeks ago, right on the day I went to Stuttgart, compiled the script into an epub file, and then let it simmer on my iPad. This week, I’ll have another look. If it holds up, I’ll send it out to an agent, which I had originally planned for October.

If not, there’ll be plenty of time to go through it once again in the upcoming months. The current Covid-19 worst-case scenario for Germany wasn’t even bad enough; Germany’s winning the world championship for fresh cases in absolute numbers; and all that’s happening even without counting in last week’s opening of the Carnival season.

Time, in other words, to once again kiss our social lives goodbye.

Talking of having a life, I put up a bunch of photos on Flickr from my long weekend in Stuttgart (25 images). But that was basically it in terms of pastimes. There was no time left for reading books, watching movies, playing games, or getting sucked deeper into that Tokimeki Memorial black hole I mentioned last week. And while I did unbox my Twilight: 2000 shipment today, that warrants its own big blog post.

Thus, no recommendations! But you can enjoy this clip of a cat who brings her kittens every night to her human’s bed as a sign of trust, and another clip on why railroad tunnels are dangerous.

Y’all take care,