J. Martin

September 25, 2022

September Sun

Another week went by without blog posts, photo edits, or any other social media activities of note. Instead, I’ve been busy with a thousand other things, among them working on my Clash of Realities presentation for next Wednesday. This week won’t be different in that regard—after several appointments on Monday and Tuesday, I’ll be in Cologne all day for the rest of the week.

However, after what feels like ages, I had a weekend again! Yay! Today, I sat outside on the balcony in the sun, enjoyed nacho cheese tortilla chips and ice-cold Coke Zero from a glass bottle, and played the first game on my brand new Playdate that I had unboxed yesterday. (Photos pending.) All that should qualify as a celebration of sorts, in lieu of a festive meal or anything that I didn’t have the time and energy to prepare :)

The world, meanwhile, keeps racing downhill, and even if I wanted to comment on it, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Thus, let’s proceed straightaway to the entertainment section today. Here’s a cat doing, well, cat things; a doggie and a cat doing doggie and cat things that cracked me up like nothing else last week; two foxes doing fox things; and some magnetic bunnehs.

לשנה טובה