J. Martin

August 29, 2021

Summertime Sadness Part II

Yesterday, the two pigeon babies we’ve watched grow up for weeks, right in front of our window on the fifth floor, had their first flying exercises, and today the tree nest was empty. They both pulled through, which is great, but they will be missed. Also, the weather is sad, with all that rain chipping away at the final days of my summer vacation.

Besides, does the world become more and more grim every week, or is that just my current mood? What would really cheer me up in that regard would be change, collectively, and a lot of it.

Meanwhile, I’m still line-editing. The script’s overall condition’s palatable enough now to print it out and give it a second pass with a pen on actual paper. All that’s taking me a lot longer than I thought it would. The script’s about half as long as the textbook I published two years ago but takes twice the time to edit. Fiction!

Which reminds me of a question I forgot to ask for two weeks already. I self-published my textbook because I wanted its content to be freely available, which doesn’t sit well with publishers (duh). Up to now, the version of the book that’s on sale was available at DriveThruRPG, but lately my enthusiasm for that platform has waned. Amazon’s still not an option, never was. Even if Ludotronics were suited for the epub format, at my price point of €14.99—ridiculously low for these kinds of books—Amazon wants to pocket €9.75. Talk about app stores being unfair! (And they are.)

Now, does anyone sell stuff on itch.io—games, assets, other stuff, whatever, maybe even game-related books, and has some experiences to share? I’m ready to switch from DriveThruRPG to itch.io, but testing the waters never hurts.

No recommendations this week, sorry about that. Nothing funny happened anywhere.