J. Martin

August 15, 2021

Temperature 80 °F, Incidence Rate 64, Partly Sunny

Still in vacation mode, so I’ll again keep it brief.

I’m back now in this festering hellhole called NRW, where the state legislature has just casually scrapped the incidence rate of 50 as a key measure to trigger more restrictive public health policies; decreed that schools will reopen this week just as planned despite rising infections; and imposed a new rule that whenever a student tests positive, only their desk mate needs to self-quarantine.

Meanwhile, the earth is burning and drowning at the same time, wars are lost that shouldn’t have been fought in the first place, people caught in these conflicts are abandoned to their fate, everywhere democracy is crumbling, and all that is merrily sandwiched by brazen callousness and batshit theories on an unprecedented scale. 

Basically, humanity’s re-enacting that famous Jakob van Hoddis poem about the end of the world on a global stage. And because of that, and inspired by the Pictures of the End Twitter account which I mentioned last week, I opened a new side account on Twitter, News of the End, as a low-volume documentation of the final days of humanity.

To end on a more cheerful note, though: if you’re familiar with both Tom Bombadil and the rap style of the Beastie Boys, this tweet might crack you up as hard as it cracked up me.

64 today, 128 next week!