J. Martin

May 16, 2021

The World Needs a Timeout

Even though there was less work on my plate, it was an exhausting week after all. I felt tired, “worked” incessantly in my sleep on my projects, and comprehensively failed to relax during the weekend. 

And while it’s not merely the situation in Israel, as there are many other things going on in the world that can leave you tired of existing, it certainly takes its toll. After several antisemitic riots in Germany on the one hand and several egregiously bad-faith attacks by “conservative” German politicians against legitimate criticism on the other, I wrote a few lines about Germany’s tripartite reactive landscape on my blog between drafts.

Occasionally, I recommend podcasts, and Overcast as my player of choice. But what about DRM-free lecture files, audiobooks, and similar? I hate iTunes (I mean, who doesn’t), and all the media players I tried just didn’t cut it. Here’s my recommendation: BookPlayer for iOS by Gianni Carlo. It’s like a podcast player, has all the controls you need for audio files that are not music, and stops and auto-resumes during audio messages from other apps, like training apps. And it’s free! (But you can tip the developer via In-App Purchases, if you like it.)

Besides slowly filling up my third Singapore album on Flickr, I also uploaded Neighborhoods II, with thirty-five images I took in various German cities over the years.

Meanwhile, on the fun side, Lego Grad Student on Tumblr still exists! My recent favorite is the post from January 2021.

My video game recommendation this week is Cloud Climber by Two Star Games. It’s another experience-focused game around a specific world narrative (not necessarily physically feasible, mind). It’s about 15–20 minutes long if you take your time, and it’s free to download and enjoy.

Let’s see where the new week leads us.