J. Martin

May 23, 2021

This Newsletter Won’t Mention the #ESC

Last week I was absorbed with preparing and executing final workshop sessions for two university courses, and I wanted these sessions to be an enjoyable experience. Now, when I was a student, particularly back at school, workshops came as group work or team paper preparations, and I hated both with a passion. So I always try to set up my workshop sessions in ways even my younger self would’ve appreciated! How? Well, that’s a suitable topic for a blog post I’m going to write this week, so stay tuned.

On Flickr, I completed my third Singapore album, Chinatown, and I uploaded an album with images I made almost a decade ago in the small-town-world of the Occitanie region in France.

For the fun stuff this week, here’s Karen at Nordstrom Rack, a dramatic opera in one act you don’t want to miss. Also, someone on Facebook dug up these ancient “noise-maker/ear-splitter” Don Martin stickers, which I reposted on my Tumblr travelog. Don Martin’s entire run at Mad Magazine exists as a hardcover collection, and used “good” copies start at around $160. But it is prohibitively expensive to ship them over, so that has to wait until we all can resume travel. (At the Amazon store in my region right now, there’s just one used copy on sale for €499, yeah no.)

But this week, finally, my hardcover copy of the Madi: Once Upon a Time in the Future graphic novel arrived, along with stretch goal rewards, from this awesome Kickstarter campaign. Shipping, thanks to Corona and Brexit, was massively delayed, accompanied by increasingly exasperated and funny creator updates.

No game recommendation this week, sorry about that. But if you’re into contemporary art music, check out and listen to this performance at the »49. Salon Neue Musik im Klangraum 61«, with works for bass  & contrabass clarinet (Pawel Kuterbach) and piano (Theodor Pauß) that premiered on YouTube last week. Pretty cool pieces, from modern to very modern.

Enjoy the November weather!