J. Martin

May 9, 2021

Throwback Sunday

Another packed week passed by, full of lectures, meetings, and miserable weather. Yet today, suddenly, the sun’s out! 82 °F! And it comes with a fresh breeze! All working together to deliver a massive throwback to good old times and great memories, back when I spent every summer season living on a yacht, roaming around with a motorbike, and working as a sailing instructor for a sailing & windsurfing school at a beautiful beach. An arrangement, I can tell you, that was jam-packed with clichés and perfectly awesome.

Snap back to reality, ope there goes gravity! The Pandemic Political Circus™ in Germany is still chugging along through its overlong routines, flanked by ever-refreshing side shows of administration slapstick and procurement payola. At least, for now, the tent has stopped burning—but the next clown to comically fumble with a gas canister is probably already waiting in the wings.

No, I wrote nothing this week. But I uploaded a new album on Flickr, Neighborhoods I, with twenty photos from various European cities, plus I finished another Singapore album with photos from residential towns. Speaking of posting photos: these Signal Instagram ads based on tracking give you a taste of what advertisers on Facebook and Instagram know about you. If you’re fine with it, fine, but now you know. And, apropos of nothing, here’s a throwback song from the early ’90s, “You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming” by the Australian rock band The Dubrovniks. After lying dormant for more than a decade, it popped up in my head the other day without a discernable prompt. Still love it.

My game recommendation this week is Orchids to Dusk by Pol Clarissou. There’s not a lot happening there, and there’s only a few decisions you can make. But you’ll see why they count. 

Now, off running. Sun’s waiting outside. And the breeze.