J. Martin

September 26, 2021

Today’s a Great Day to Not Fuck Everything Up Forever

If you haven’t yet voted by mail in the German federal election, remember the Rule of Least Strikes when you cast your votes today:

  • 1 Strike: Parties who fucked everything up for 15-odd years or more but promise now to change everything as if they’d just freshly arrived on this planet.

  • 1 Strike: Parties who have no chance whatsoever to pass the electoral threshold in a federal election, whom you should support and vote for enthusiastically in regional and state elections to stir shit up from the bottom.

  • 1 Strike: Parties whose members excel in moonlighting to line their pockets and those of their rich industry friends while doing only the bare minimum (at best) for you who voted for them and pay them with your tax money.

  • 1 Billion Strikes: Parties who are fash-adjacent or straight out fascist.

Now vote for the party with the least strikes whom you trust most to not fuck everything up. 

It’s that easy to save the planet! 
That’s the whole message for today.