J. Martin

August 21, 2022

Vacation Diary | Week 3

Not a lot to tell—I’ve been doing my best to relax while climate catastrophe effects temporarily keep the pandemic in check; Putin’s openly genocidal assault against the Ukraine continues; fossil fuel industries make obscene profits from the war and rob people blind; and any common effort toward change in this country that I live in is taken hostage by a small gang of industrial-strength narcissists and an outdated chancellor unit with faulty memory modules. (And let’s not forget the former janitors, loudly complaining about the smell in the staircase they’ve been cheerfully pissing into for sixteen years.) So yes, everything’s peachy.

As for fiction, I’m still reading everything I mentioned, except that I finished The Haunting of Hill House, started The Scholars of Night, and proceeded from 1939’s Science Fiction magazine to the February 1940 issue of Astonishing Stories. In the comics department, I wrapped up Gardner Fox & Bert Christman’s first 1939–41 Adventure Comics Sandman run and proceeded to Fox’s 1940 All Star Comics Sandman, with successive artwork by Creig Flessel, Cliff Young, Joe Simon, and Jack Kirby. In Steve Niles’s 30 Days of Night universe, I proceeded from Dark Days to Annual 2004 and Return to Barrow. Judge Dredd’s Case Files, of course, are still on! And to keep everything light-hearted, I added Ito Junji’s complete 富江 / Tomie to my daily diet.

No blog posts, of course. But some photos! At Flickr, I uploaded two more (and final) Berlin albums Potsdam Hike (30 images) and Transportation (7 images). Then, there are two re-edits on Glass, one shot from the no-mans-land fence at Imjingak, South Korea, and one shot from the scale model of Beijing’s metropolitan area at the Planning Exhibition Hall in Beijing, China. Finally, one post each at my Instagram accounts betweendrafts and voidpunkverse. 

I didn't play a lot, but I attended the term project presentations on Friday, which was cool. It’s work, I know! But as the summer term presentations always fall into my vacation time, I attend them whenever I can.

For the Sunday funnies, it’s Creepy Hour! Please enjoy these perfectly normal Midwich roadside bollards*; the Tories’ ghastly Kentucky Fried Movie re-enactment**; and this completely innocuous signage*** to show you the way to the playing arcade.


* referring to this
** referring to this
*** referring, of course, to this