Jadon Barnes

January 17, 2023

Download the Official Fun with Ragdolls Voice Library

I am excited to share that you can now download the official high-quality vocal recordings used in the Fun with Ragdolls game and animation series with a collection of over 200 tracks! This extensive library includes grunts, screams, yells, and various lines of dialogue featured in the Fun with Ragdolls animation series 3, 4, and 5.

Whether you are working on an animation project, a creative video edit, or even a meme, this voice library is perfect for you. And the best part is, all of the audio files in this collection are royalty-free and CC0, meaning you have complete freedom to use and edit them as you please. However, it's important to note that only the audio files themselves are CC0, not the characters or any other aspect of Fun with Ragdolls.

Bring your projects to life with the authentic vocal recordings of Fun with Ragdolls and download the collection now. And of course, a credit is always appreciated, but not required.

Preview: https://youtu.be/UHwpwUD32QE
Alternative download: https://icedrive.net/s/vX5ff9tvTPZxbDgBD93xCkPaV6Xb

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