James Eaton

March 16, 2021

Daily Blogging Challenge - Day 16 - Show and Tell

I love watching videos of people share about their process of creation. I will watch videos anytime about someone making a new desk setup for their computer. I have a playlist saved on YouTube filled with videos about how people create different sounds and effects as they create music. I will watch almost any video online of something sharing how they built their pedalboard or amp setup for guitar playing. There is something intriguing about being brought behind the curtain to see how the finished product was made. 

I have so many areas of interest, and I love that I can use the internet to see how the best of the best create their best work. There was a time when creators would not share how the worked; secrecy was the name of the game. Artists took their secrets to the grave and music producers would hide their settings to make sure no one else could capture what they were doing. Culture has changed and there is now a push in the opposite way, to show how the work was done. I think this is a great move! Not only because I want to know, but because I think it shows an important distinction about art and creation. 

Here’s the secret: there is no magic tool. There is no process that is so special that no one else could ever do it. The real “secret sauce” is the creator putting their heart and soul into something. I can learn how The Edge plays guitar; there are numerous videos online of his equipment and videos of him playing. That information alone does not get the anywhere near actually being able to play like The Edge. The Edge is who he is because of a lifetime of playing, his influences, and thousands of hours honing his craft. 

In the same way, no one else plays guitar like me. I have spent 20 years developing that craft and I have my own (for lack of a better word...) style. That playing style has been shaped my own experiences and influences. My hands shape what I do and I could let someone play my guitar rig and they would not sound like me. And this is why I think it’s perfectly fine (and even great) for anyone to share that process to help someone else. When I share something about how I do something, and I give value to someone else, I am not diminishing my own value. If someone can take what I have learned and run with it, that’s amazing! 

If we can help each other move forward in life and make the best of version of what we can create, then we are creating a better world. If you are wanting to put out more content, but don’t know where to start, you should start by sharing about how you do something that you’re good at. If you have a special way that you perform an action, make a craft, of cook pasta then you should share it! You never know who you might inspire when you share your passion. 

The internet is full of great things and terrible things. We can used the medium for good or for evil, but that is our choice. We are building our future one line of code, one song, and one word at a time. I am committed to putting more good into that system than I ever have. If can offer insight or help to someone else that could slingshot their opportunities, then I am going to do it! 

Take the chance today. Show the world how you do your best work. Who knows , it might be exactly what someone needs to do their best work! Here’s to more anonymous inspiration online.