James Eaton

April 14, 2021

Getting my second Covid vaccine

Today is the day for vaccine #2!!

As I sit here and drink my coffee (from Onyx Coffee Lab, incredible) I am just filled with all kinds of emotions. Today I will be getting my second (and final) dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

I am

- Grateful. Grateful to be be alive. I have friends who are my age who have died from Covid complications in the last year. I have relatives who have died because of Covid symptoms. Life is not guaranteed, and this year has been a reminder that we are not promised anything other than the time we have right now. I am grateful to be here.

- Thankful. I’m thankful that we live in the age that we do now. Technology and science have advanced so much over the last 100 years and this vaccine is a testament to the hard work and determination of so many people. It may feel fast, but the reality is that there are teams of people who have been working on this since the last SCARS outbreak around 8 years ago. Someone decided to fund work that would allow these mRNA vaccines to be created and we are all benefitting from the hard work of those men and women.

- Happy. I had Covid once and I DO NOT want to get it again. I am still dealing with some complications from having Covid and I don’t want to get it again and have something else go wrong. So I am happy to be receiving my second dose and the soon-coming protection that it will bring to my body. Considering this makes me less stressed and feel better about interacting with the public.

- Nervous. I’m not nervous about getting the vaccine. I have T1 Diabetes, so I am no stranger to needles and shots. I am nervous that not enough people in our area will participate and we will not have heard immunity. I am nervous that something like a vaccine that was literally created to help people will just be used as some kind of political tool to continue to drive division and an of us vs them dichotomy. We need unity and solidarity now more than ever, but I am nervous that even a vaccine that would help end a world-wide pandemic is not enough to bring people together.

- Excited. As much as I am nervous about the future, I am also excited. The world has changed in so many ways, but I do feel like there are new opportunities on the horizon. I don’t even know what they are or how it will all work, but I am ready to jump into new waters and see how they feel.

If you can get a Covid vaccine, I would encourage you to register or find somewhere that you can get vaccinated. I know there are people who cannot, but that is even more of a reason why those of us who can... should. We are not an island; our decisions have a ripple effect that will be felt for years to come. Your choice to get vaccinated may not seem like much, but millions of people making similar choices could bring incredible healing to our nation and world.

Ok, time to get jabbed.