James Eaton

March 10, 2021

March Blogging Challenge - Day 10 - Shock

Have you ever been totally shocked? Like, floored and unsure what just happened? 

I felt this way a few years ago on my 30th birthday. My wife made an elaborate rouse that involved multiple surprises that led to a full-on surprise party with with about 30 of my friends for a Mexican feast. It all started with an hour-long massage, which was incredible. Then my dad and brothers took me out for lunch and an afternoon running around town. We got to spend the day together, which was really nice and all that would be have been enough, but that was just the beginning. 

All day, Kami was checking in on me making sure we were having a good time (which we were!). All that time she was cooking and prepping an event space with other members of my family for a surprise party. The evening (as far as I was concerned) was going to be a nice dinner and date with Kami after the afternoon with my dad and brothers. So, around dinner time they dropped me off in town where I was supposed to meet Kami. She had all the details planned like we were going to see a play at a local place and then go to dinner. We did not see the play (obviously) but on the way into the event center we saw some friends from church who were actually going to see that play! This was totally a random occurrence but any doubts that I had were gone when we saw people that I knew in the parking lot who were going to see the play. 

I was excited to spend time with my wife on my 30th birthday and it seemed like a great start to a fun evening. When we went upstairs, I entered a room, to my total shock, and saw all my friends and family waiting for me. It was the perfect surprise! Kami was able to plan all this, contact work friends without me knowing, make a WHOLE OTHER day for me to keep me off the trail, and pull of the best surprise of my life. I had no idea, and it was just so much fun. 

I recently turned 32, so I have been thinking about birthdays and milestones and how much life has changed. I will always think back to that day with fondness and excitement at the marker that truly was my 20th birthday. It was just so much fun and I am so grateful to my wife and family for making it one of the best days I’ve ever experienced. 

So much of my life feels different right now thanks to Covid and restrictions on gatherings. I have not been a room with that many people in a year and have not seen some of my family in almost as long. I honestly long for the day when I can just see people and not worry about Covid; it feels like such a simpler time. 

So, here’s to the good kind of shock in the future and more events and milestone celebrations that are to come! I am trying to stay positive about the outcome of things and work to make the best of the situations that I find myself in as this year plays out.