James Eaton

March 8, 2021

March Blogging Challenge - Day 8 - Hide

Here a free tech tip for you: Hide your social media apps that you don’t want to see! 

A few months ago, I put the Facebook app into the App Library and took it away from any Siri suggestions. If I want to get on Facebook, I have to search for it or find it in the App Library. That little bit of friction means that I don’t check it nearly as much. I did the same thing for several other apps as well and my life has been better for it. 

Part of my goals for 2021 is all about creating positive routines, but I also realize that I need to get away from negative routines as well. It is the removal of bad and the addition of good. if you are trying to change your behavior or make new patterns, try hiding things that you don’t want to see. 

I know how strong (or... weak) my will is when it comes to wanting those dopamine hits, so adding that friction and time has really taken that desire away. If I can’t get the quick hit, I don’t want it. Hide the app, solve the problem. 

There is your free tech advice for the day. If you feel stuck in an app, program, or something in your life , try removing it from sight and add some friction to finding it. You will be shocked at how fast those desires fade away when you change your routine.