Jared White

March 20, 2021

Create the Content You Would Most Enjoy

Something I've discovered about myself over the years: I suck at creating content I wouldn't enjoy experiencing.

Now that might sound like a blinding flash of the obvious, but it's actually not, because lots of people—myself included—get impressed upon that they need to publish X, Y, and Z in order to become successful in their field.

Here's one example: Twitch streaming. Plenty of programmers and other nerd culture types find success on Twitch as regular streamers. So I thought I'd give it a try as well. E P I C  F A I L! The truth is, I actually have zero interest in watching Twitch streams, personally. So why on earth would I want to become a Twitch streamer? 🤔

Another example: online courses. Tons of programmers and other creators make big bank selling courses. The opportunity to teach people what you love and getting paid for it?? Sounds like a dream! I should do that!! There's just one problem: I almost never buy courses. 😬 (And when I do, I rarely engage with them.) So why on earth would I want to publish something I myself would never purchase? 🧐

And so on and so forth. On the flip side, I absolutely love podcasting, because I consume podcasts like crazy. It's a world I understand and enjoy every day. Same thing for travel vlogging…while it's a ton of work and takes time, I enjoy the process of making vlogs because I love watching vlogs. (Of course that's been on hold due to the pandemic. Crossing my fingers I can resume this summer!)

In summary, I've decided to find contentment creating content (wink) that is of the kind and in the style of what I myself most enjoy. I don't like watching TikTok videos, so I'm not on TikTok. I don't like selling my personal data to the highest bidder, so I'm not on Facebook. But I do like reading good articles & newsletters, listening to podcasts, watching vlogs, and conversing with cool people in groovy chat rooms. So that's the stuff I'll be making.

This post is just one example. 😁 (And if you want more, 👇 fill in your email address below! 👇)