Jared White

March 4, 2021

Finally a Better Solution Than Tweetstorms

There's a gap between "official blog post" and a tweet. I could roughly diagram it like this:

Tweet <---------- gap ----------> Blog Post

Increasingly people have used Twitter's "tweetstorm" feature to fill that gap. I have done so myself. But it's not at all a great solution beyond maybe a group of 2-4 tweets. Anything longer than that and it's terrible for both the author and the readers.

What we really want is something that's as easy to use as Twitter, but functions more like a blog—yet without all the baggage which typically comes with blogging platforms.

That's where HEY World comes in.

As a loyal customer of both HEY for You and HEY for Work, I'm amazed and delighted that I effectively now get that "in-between Tweet and Official Blog Post" solution for free. Just pop open HEY, write some text in a box along with world@hey.com in the To field and a title in the Subject field, and ZAZOOM! My text is on the web.

Are there more features I might want out of a rich text blog editor? Sure. But with every new feature comes additional complexity, and the thing that makes HEY World so great is that it's outrageously simple. Anyone could use it who has HEY. It's not just for geeks, programmers, internet power users…it's for all of us.

I like that a lot.

So even though I have a blog (several in fact), and even though I am a geek, programmer, and internet power user, I will use HEY World to fill that gap between tweet and article. Excited to see what comes of it.

P. S. And right out of the gate there's an Edit button. Take that Twitter! 😆