Jared White

March 5, 2021

Mask Etiquette in a "post-Covid" America

I'm relatively young and relatively healthy and not in an at-risk demographic. So as I contemplate what the world (my local part of it anyway) may be like later this year and into the next, the question on my mind is…do I still wear a mask some places no matter what?

One could argue that if the pandemic is more-or-less over and most people are vaccinated or immune, I might as well go back to the old ways. But truth be told, the thought of being indoors without a mask on pushed up against the unwashed masses simply makes me nervous, no matter what! And I suspect a lot of people are going to feel that way too.

So it's possible masks here here to stay, just like it was already the norm in some other regions of the world. I certainly look forward to walking and exercising outdoors maskless. But sitting cheek-to-jowl at a comedy club? Pedaling an elliptical next to 30 sweaty souls at the gym? Jostling next to throngs of fans at a convention center? I'm already feeling congested just thinking about it. 😰

Life will never be the same. I've made my peace with that. I wonder how many others have also.