Jasraj (Jas)

April 1, 2021

hey to the world

I thought I'd try HEY World, out.

There's something wonderful about being able to create in a frictionless way. Not least the convenience, but more so because as creatives, as writers - as people - we usually get in our own way before getting to the 'publish' part. Boy, don't we trip ourselves up?

There's also something pretty nice about feeling like I'm writing to a someone, the HEY World contact I can see here as I'm writing this out. That's pretty neat, as it's reminding me that this is going out there - possibly to someone - who'll stumble across this. And then, for a brief moment, there'll be an energetic exchange as the read and absorb my stuff (a friend of mine says we have 'energetic imprints' in our writing), and will momentarily get a glimpse into my life and my personality.

I am excited about writing for all sorts of reasons. For me, self-expression is crucial to my wellbeing and my sanity. I'm also on a path where I have decided to make a living from my writing. That's a path which isn't an easy one, but which is becoming more possible in the world we live in whether billions of people have an internet connection, and those people you can find your stuff and then become a fan.

I feel like I did writing this just as I did a few years ago, when I first stumbled across this world of blogging and Scott Dinsmore's and Corbett Barr's income breakdowns really made me realise that, wow, this sh*t is entirely possible. Isn't that neat?

Since then, I've met others making an income from their writing, some of them a huge amount (Leo Babauta sustains his family of wife and 6 kids in San Francisco, for example), and then there's Dan Rowden who - whilst he does have an employed job, is making $5k/month from his indie work, and his on his way towards the $10k mark.

And countless other indies/INFs I know who are slowly creating the lives and the businesses they want, and growing in the process.

I was going to add some hyperlinks, but I decided not too. Again, I'd like to keep an in-the-moment, frictionless feel rather than interrupt my flow with adding hyperlinks. You can google any of those people I've mentioned if you wish.

For now, though, hey world. If you're reading this, this is pretty neat.