Jeffrey Baird

May 3, 2022

The end of Roe vs Wade

I grew up in a very pro-life household. As I moved to the left, abortion was the last of my political beliefs to change. Even after I considered myself firmly pro-choice, I tried to reframe my position as trying to reduce the need for abortions by increasing the availability of LARPs, providing material assistance to expecting parents, and improving sex education. 

Then, Clare decided to go into OB, and I realized just how complex the issue of abortion is. People get abortions for all types of reasons. Sometimes it is economic - they can't afford to raise a child. Sometimes it is personal - they never wanted a child, and birth control failed. Sometimes they desperately wish to have a child but find out that the fetus is incompatible with life (some organ hasn't developed or a genetic abnormality which means the child would have a short, as in minutes, harrowing life). Sometimes they wanted a child, but something went wrong with the pregnancy, and now the pregnant person's life is at risk.

People who are against abortion sometimes find themselves needing an abortion for any number of reasons. When they do, they claim that their reason for getting an abortion is different. They are against the rest of abortions, where, in their mind, a cruel, heartless woman is murdering their child. The reality, of course, is that very few people use abortions as birth control. Making abortions illegal endangers everyone with a uterus.