Jeremy Brown

May 3, 2021

Taking a short break from "work"

Friday was my last working day at Traveldoo and today is my first day of gardening leave. I will write up my reflections on my time at Traveldoo in due course. Today I'm just enjoying having the whole day with my family.

What a luxury to have a break like this! I won’t waste it.

It was strange to wake up this morning, my well worn neural pathways that had me psyched and ready for work. My Monday mornings were taken up with our CoDir meeting, shortened from "Le comité de direction" (the executive team). Monday afternoon I had my first one on ones of the week and our Product and Technology leadership team meeting. It feels strange to instead be doing the laundry, cleaning up the kitchen and organising the flat a bit. I will definitely miss working with the folks at Traveldoo.

But today I’ve been hanging out with my son and it has felt great!



I do have some exciting plans I will work on over the coming weeks. On top of that the list of DIY jobs and other tasks is pretty long. Oh and I’d like to get out on the bike a lot more!

I won’t be bored… I hope I get half the things done that I’m planning!

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