JF Martin

March 7, 2021

Thinking out Loud on Possible Hey World Use Cases

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Yeah, that’s me on this picture.

This is my third post on HEY World, still thinking about the possible use cases of HEY World. It is so good, that I have to find something for it. Thinking out loud is how I found a “raison d’être” for my Numeric Citizen Introspection newsletter. I was walking with my wife last summer talking about newsletters and how I could create my own. Maybe this post will do the same for HEY World.

If I want to use HEY World as a new publishing conduit, It has to be unique across my other websites. It has to minimize the burden of publishing. It shouldn’t be about creating another regularly published newsletter as I already got one on Substack (Numeric Citizen Introspection newsletter) or Medium (Friday Notes series). Publishing here should be on a “as needed” basis.

Could it be photography-related?
Well, since the pandemic began, my photography-related activities dropped quite a bit. I no longer travel and I still don’t know when travel possibilities will open up again. I’m also kind of tired of processing my current digital assets. I’m not buying any new stuff either, except maybe the upcoming iPhone 13 (or whatever they call it) this fall. I do have vacations plans this summer is a country house, though. Just like last summer. 📷

Could it be something more personal?
Thinking about “personal journaling”. Well, this could be a possibility. HEY World allows responses from readers who subscribed by email. Conversations are kept private, at the email exchange level. Over the years, I found out that less than 5% of people engage with me, at any give time, on any given platforms. So, I would need many hundreds followers here in order to expect a few email responses from with a conversation could start. Nonetheless, I like that idea. I should think more about it. 📜

Thinking outside the box
What if I was writing a story, or better yet, an ongoing novel where people could influence the storyline just by responding by emails? If I was to write such a thing, it would certainly be about science-fiction. It would happen in the future, far from today. I would take the current world and push it to the extreme. Subreddit like r/Futurology could be a source of inspiration. I often think about the future, 100 years from now. What will it be? What would be the state of our planet? What if a big solar flare would erase every computer memory or stop the internet? What would happen to our societies? The title of this running novel could be "HEY World" (inspired by  Westworld, remember? It depends how old you are). Again, I had a discussion with my wife and she likes the idea. 

What do you think, dear reader?

🅷🅴🆈 🆆🅾🆁🅻🅳 — 🄰 S̷̨̩̚c̶̱͒ỉ̵̹͎̀e̵̯͂̾ṅ̷͇̻c̶̱͒e̵̯͂̾ F̷̯̋ỉ̵̹͎̀c̶̱͒t̴̪̩̍ỉ̵̹͎̀õ̴̤̲̾ṅ̷͇̻ 🄽🄾🅅🄴🄻 𝚋𝚢 𝙽𝚞𝚖𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚌 𝙲𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚣𝚎𝚗

I really like this trail, I shall continue to explore.💡