Joel Gaff Jr.

December 22, 2021

Getting Back in Shape Like I Never Imagined

I spent much of 2021 trying to recover from a few nagging injuries that had been plaguing me since late 2020. I finally started to get back into the swing of things in the mid-2021, and had some ups and downs since then.

I’ve always been a lone wolf kind of individual in my training. I’ve rarely participated in group classes, especially ones that are advertised all over the Internet or social media. In October, however, while doing some shopping at the local mall with some friends from out of town, I happened to be to see “The Mirror”, an at-home fitness product, at the local Lululemon store.

I scoffed at the idea of paying over $1000 for a piece of equipment on top of a monthly subscription fee in the $30-$40 range.

What a joke. Just get out and run. Look up some videos on YouTube and you can get the same exercises.

But then, my mind started to wander. “Maybe my wife would like this thing”, I thought.

And that’s where I jumped down the rabbit hole.

I started researching other at home fitness equipment and quickly came across a promotion by Peloton.

“Sign up now for a free digital app subscription through the end of 2021”  (it was November 1).”

There’s no way I'd ever spend a couple thousand dollars on a bike that would just sit in my garage, again, on top of paying nearly $40 a month for a subscription fee. I had a perfectly good set of bikes and a decent trainer that I could use in my garage. YouTube would provide endless hours of visual entertainment, and that’s all I needed.

But whatever, it was a free trial. I reluctantly entered my credit card information, and set a reminder on my phone to cancel my subscription a few days before the two-month free trial would end so I wouldn’t be charged.

Today is December 22, and in my garage I now have a Peloton Bike+ (Black Friday sale!), a set of Peloton branded dumbbells, and even a few pieces of peloton apparel in my closet.

Dang, that escalated quickly.

That phone reminder popped up the other day to remind me to cancel my trial subscription, and I chuckled out loud as I tapped the “complete” button to dismiss it.

I’m shocked by my change of perspective, and also the amount of fitness I’ve gained over the last seven weeks.

I’ve been doing daily core strength exercises, started a marathon training program, and have finally gotten back into a full body strengthening program. All from my garage.

I’ll probably write more about this Peloton journey, but for now I’ve gotta go Crush my Core with Emma.

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