John Stokvis

July 6, 2022

3/4 of a McBoatface

The Ulster County Board of Elections has 3/4 of a McBoatface on their hands.
Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 9.53.42 AM.png

  1. Participatory poll or contest
  2. Entry that is within the rules but not what the admins intended, yet captures the spirit of the contest
  3. Entry goes viral
  4. Admins accept and celebrate the winner

Much attention is paid to the way in which internet mobs can overwhelm and "spoil" systems, organizations, and people's lives. And this happens.

While the overwhelmingness is a function of the internet, the negative experience is not. The titular Boaty McBoatface, for example.

  • The red eyes capture visceral thrill of participating in self-governance and the frustration of knowing that your vote is only one of millions
  • The colors represent the jarring clash of political opinions
  • The tentacles remind us the decision reaches in many aspects of our lives

Plus it's the only one signed by the artist.

And it is art. 

Who cares if the artist is 14?

Who cares if they didn't intend any of this meaning? 

Art isn't about what the artist intended anyway.

Art is the way it interacts with and changes everyone who witnesses it

And thanks to the internet, it's changing way more people than it would have otherwise.

If UCBoE does the right thing and follows through with step 4 (and prints enough stickers), I bet they will have record turnout in November's election.

Thanks Hudson. Thanks internet.