John Stokvis

June 7, 2023

Attack on Titan is quite the vibe

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Come for the Spiderman-style webslinging, Battlestar Galactica-style secret plots, and Godzilla-style kaiju battles.

Stay for the meditations on intergenerational trauma, the cycle of violence, and free will.

In Japanese, the title of the manga (and later the anime) is 進撃の巨人 or Shingeki no Kyojin. This translates literally to "The Advancing Giant" which I think is a much more evocative name.
The_Colossal_Titan_sets_Shiganshina_on_fire copy.jpg
It can be taken literally, sure. The titans are giants that are ominously advancing towards for the characters throughout the series.

But there are also metaphorical giants coming for all the characters: war, nation states, revenge, history, fate, and death.