Jordan J. Lloyd

April 3, 2021

About Jordan J. Lloyd

I am a British author and Creative Director at Unseen Histories, bringing the past to life for The Times, LIFE and Unsplash

My career in the field of colorization and visual history has allowed me to work with some of the world's largest publishers, media brands, museums, record labels and newspapers. I am currently working on a non-fiction history book set in 1944, in addition writing my first novel. 

Books: Non-Fiction History 


My latest book collaboration is the Colours of London (Frances Lincoln, 2022) with celebrated novelist, biographer and critic Peter Ackroyd, who paints a vivid picture of one of the world's greatest cities in this brilliant and original work, exploring how the city's many hues have come to shape its history and identity. This beautifully written book examines the city's fascinating relationship with colour, alongside specially commissioned colorized photographs from Dynamichrome, which bring a lost London back to life. A truly invaluable book for lovers of art, history, photography or urban geography, this beautifully illustrated title tells a rich and fascinating story of the history of this great and ever-changing city.

My first volume of colorized photographs is printed in several editions:
  • The Paper Time Machine: Colouring the Past, (Unbound, 2017);
  • History as they Saw It: Iconic Moments from the Past in Color (Chronicle Books, 2018);
  • Historie v barvě(Extra Publishing, 2019);
  • Zeitreise: Bedeutende Momente der Geschichte in Farbe neu erleben 1839 bis 1949 (Frederking & Thaler, 2019);
  • Quand le passé reprend vie en couleurs: Photographies colorisées du monde de 1839 à 1949 (Glénat, 2020)

Other published works

I am fortunate to have my work featured as front covers for National Geographic History, HISTORY, LIFE and People Magazine.


My work has appeared in The Times (most recently as the wrap image for HRH Prince Philip's obituary), the BBC, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Spektrum Geschichte, and many more. You may also recognise the covers for the Manic Street Preachers album Resistance is Futile and a reissue of the seminal cuban album Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer.



My work appears in the documentary Tutankhamun in Colour on the BBC, NatGeo TV and France 5. I have also appeared on French, Turkish and German national television, and live events for Apple and Adobe.

Free Stuff!


For free colorized and restored black and white photographs to download and share, head over to Unseen Histories' Unsplash profile. I also sponsor the popular podcast Travels Through Time, described as a 'a mixture of serious history and a playful parlour game'.  Each episode features an interview with one of the world’s leading historians or public figures. They are asked the question: “If you could travel back in time, what year would you like to visit?”  


Now in its seventh season, the podcast's first episode featured Sir Michael Palin, and followed by eminent historians like Simon Schaffer, Mary Fulbrook, Patricia Fara and David Abulafia, and international bestsellers such as Ariana Neumann, Ken Follett, Diarmaid MacCulloch and Kassia St Clair.



My printed works can be exclusively found on the Unseen Histories Store as made-to-order art prints. Each print is embossed and certified as a mark of quality so you own a piece of history, and it’s really quite special.

Colorizer’s Code of Conduct


I am a founding signatory of the Colorizer’s Code of Conduct, signed by dozens of practitioners from twenty countries and rising. A responsibly colorized photograph can act as a powerful supplement to an original historical document. The laborious process of research, restoration and application of colour by a skilled practitioner can potentially add context and information that offers an authentic interpretation that sits alongside the original. Technology acts as a tool to aid the derivative work, not be a replacement or substitute for the original. You can read the Code of Conduct and download foreign translations at

Thoughts on visual history and colorization

Find me 


I have a limited social media presence, but you can currently find me on Instagram. If you'd like to enquire about commissions, commercial or press enquiries, you can reach me via Unseen Histories.

Author photograph © Karen Wright

About Jordan J. Lloyd

British author, visual historian and Creative Director of Unseen Histories, bringing the past to life for The Times, LIFE and Unsplash.